My dream job

I feel like I was born to be a real estate agent. I have had some really cool jobs throughout my life, but this is the one that combines all my passions and strengths into one area.

I love serving people-paying attention to find those small things that people really enjoy and doing them. 

I'm passionate about working with military families who are once again putting everything they own in a box and shipping it all across the country. I am the person that listens to them, is their advocate and resource. 

More About Adrienne

Adrienne Downing photo

"Adrienne's service was spectacular! She's super professional and top-notch in what she does. Always kept us in the loop about what's going on, recommendations were outstanding, and the result was a great sale on our home. It went very smooth, we were never worried or stressed, and Adrienne  handled everything in the best possible way. She's really on top of her game and we would strongly recommend her to anyone! If you want it done right - definitely use Adrienne Downing!"


The Dwyer Family